Symbols are our psyche’s way of informing countless internal myths with content

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What began as curiosity at the crossroads of semiotics, Jungian philosophy, and personal mythology has now developed into this growing collection I’ve made of highly-distilled symbolic objects.

As I grow this collection each concept will be presented here according to subject (and theme)... such as ⏰clock (life/death), 👤shadow (psyche/unknown), 🚪door (portal/passageway), 🌳 tree (fertility/family).

Outside of making these ‘curious things to look at’ I have been developing a self-funded stop-motion short film, turning down acceptance to some of the nations’ leading film schools, and working as a designer in some of NYC’s top boutique brand-consulting agencies for the past decade.

Currently, I am based in the southern-east coast in a sleepy beach town where I am trying out a post-pandemic life-experiment which involves living close to family for a year, practicing some very hot bikhram yoga, and learning to “yes-and” my life via long-form improv.

Hope you enjoy some things you see here and thanks for checking out the work!

👋 Alexandria (aka ‘zanda’)