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Flower, 🌸, 🪷, 🌹, 🥀

Sat Apr 27 2024

After a few solid years of therapy I started drawing flowers. When I started a vegitable garden I learned that flowering took plants tons of energy.  For a plant to flower means it’s basic needs have been met and most of it’s conditions are right. The bees come out with the flowers. Pollination offers the opportunity for the seed to spread. In these collections of flowers I explore both plenty and emaciation. I once cried my eyes out in an art gallery and a stranger comforted me. I later learned this stranger turned friend had their share of sorrow. Over time I learned their personal symbol was the wilted rose and they even changed their name to follow suit. It was a revelation to me that someone could embrace their pain in this way. Our early experiences with flowers are usually more humble than the epic red rose. As children we collect wildflowers from feilds, concrete cracks, and schoolyards. I know for certain my grandmother still holds dear her earliest memories of flowers, and at 84 years old still finds her greatest joy digging in the dirt. There’s something temporal and rare about flowers that speaksabout beauty and hope. 

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