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Sprout 🌱, 🌿

 Mon Apr 9 2024

In the beginning- I thought these sprouts represented two people: partners who grew steadily and inexplicably intertwined. But with more time, I realized the sprout was new growth in me. From there, I began to draw it solo and stopped attributing my worth to something outside myself. I think in that way I’ve used the image of a sprout to work through self doubt and imposter syndrome. Sometime after that first drawing, and after nearly a decade living in concrete I moved out of a 8.5 million person city into a 280,000 person suburb. I was suddenly surrounded by green. Spring was absolutely miraculous. It felt unreal. It had been a while since I experienced it this way: surrounded by foliage. The tinest spurts of growth here were finally perceptable to me. I learned (or was forced) to slow down. Growth registered in the calmness. On those spring mornings I sipped my coffee with a smilax vine who inched its tendrils over a chain link fence towards the sun. Each day brought a few centimeters more. During that time I also struggled with boredom. Leaving behind the fast paced life made me antsy. One day at a time, I’ve accepted that things usually happen just one day at a time. This collection of drawings and things includes everything from a cassette, to a sewn felt patch, to a notebook I kept while in hospital. I am still working with this symbol, watering as we go. 

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