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Star, ⭐, ✨, ☄️

Fri Mar 22 2024  

A distinctive shape repeated on the handpainted sarcophagas.  A cacoon for the dead to rise again. The first time I really noticed the star graphically was on the side of Artemidora, a mummified woman living in Gallery 138 at The Met. “How strange it is. Here I am staring at this picture painted here so long ago,” I thought “ and inside-- the remains of a soul passed into another existence.” The star became a personal symbol for me for a while; embodying something of the spirit. Maybe it’s our innate potential as a created thing existing in the world today? Makes me think of the star-birth scene in the Jodi Foster film Contact. Historically, my favorite emoji has been the sparkle. At times in life, I’ve lost “my sparkle”. So I drew it in a box. Stars have human-like appendages so I have also investigated that. I’ve also tried out it’s four pointed variations ✦ which remind me of a 1950’s spur/wonder pop object that gleams, shines, or convieniently highlights consumer products. A staple of googie architecture. This star style is go-to for illustrators at the moment. I have a theory that the emoji has influenced that. There is also the concept of north star...  Something we follow or are led by (a concept that flickers in my mind most seasons). 


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