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Circle, ⚪, ◌, ◉, ❍, ⊙, ∘ 

Sat Apr 27 2024

Circle as a void or a portal. Circle as the first shape we see upon birth (the pupil and the sun). Circle as an originator of life. Between 2017-2018 I used source texts to study both complex symbols and simple shapes-- including the circle.  Out of it came vignettes captured in film plus a few ink and pen drawings. The vignettes were staged with simple household objects: mirrors, matches, disgarded hardware. Other moments were captured in real time/space by peering into peep holes, binoculars, and coffee cups. Unsuprisingly, circles can be spotted everywhere and hold in them a multitude of meanings. This collection also includes circle variations via 35mm slides which I’ve been developing as a part of a larger low-tech slide projection project. The circle always feels very zen-- so I am happy to return to it in those slide experiments. Some of which include a sun-like portal, a circle collapsing within a grid, and an accidental finger smudge. Each 35mm slide is created by hand with Roscolux gels, paint, posco pens, ink, gel polish, via scratchiti and collage.

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