Soundcloud Brand Book Art Direction, Design, & Production

My friends Sam Hornsby, Imme Ermgassen & Thomas Mcginley did some super smart thinking with Soundcloud. Then I brought it together into a book. (The text from the booklet has been deleted in photos due to confidentiality but you will recognize Soundcloud's signature energetic photo library and photo bleed elements woven throughout.) My favorite part of this process was coming up with the concept for the cover. Client was interested in something that felt record-like, with a sleeve. (This was a booklet to be distributed to new joiners at the company to express the brand purpose, history, etc. so needed to be something your proud to have on your desk.) So I pushed it a step further and made a die-cut that looks like a track playing. I had found out that the first track ever posted to Soundcloud was this track called electro by one of the Co-founders. So I think if I remember correctly-- I took a snippet of that song to actually generate the track bars. It is CRAZY to think of how COMPLEX the GENRE of electronic, mixed, and ambient sound has become since this was first posted 11 years ago! 🎧🎧🎧Soundcloud literally ✨created a space ✨for that artistry to thrive. 🎧🎧🎧I also can't fail to mention that on this project I had kick-ass design assistance from my partner Anna-Rae Morris who is a Brand Extraordinaire & brought the project to the next level. In the first iteration of the book we had one option, she explored alternate options that carried the cover's shifting song track element through onto the photos. You can see some snippets of that process below along with some sick scans for the large wavy typographic pages which were throughout the book.


The initial kick-off for the design process was a little rough because we didn't get word that Soundcloud had this amazing library of images until later in the game. Below is a moodboard we put together from open source libraries.