little human in big apple on green spinning rock, making pictures

About zanda...

👋🏼 I'm zanda. When I was kid, I drew until my crayons 🖍️broke, made plays on VHS 📼tapes,and just generally enjoyed every part of my world creatively. 🎉After spending a half-decade in design, and then 5 more in innovation labs💡🐁 I quit my 9-5 gig to reclaim my childhood energy, stoke my theatrical 🔥, and officially "re-birth" zanda.

The result is this creative studio.

IRL, zanda is my nickname. My full name is Alexandria Jarvis. When I was a toddler, my twin sisters couldn't say my full name-- so they shortened it.

What does zanda do?

I take really big (and sometimes super complex) 💡ideas and translate them into cool looking posters, pictures, marks, symbols, booklets, rooms, toolkits, pamphlets, animated presentations, gifs, whitepapers, comix, reports, and full-out visual 🌏worlds.

In my *free time* 🤪 I produce monthly reports with Dinner Confidential, spend time tutoring at Read718, and collect cassettes!

🖼️Find me on insta @heyzanda
📩Holler at me at

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