little human in big apple on green spinning rock, making pictures in milky way

Nice to electronic meet you...

👋🏼I'm zanda. This is my creative space where I translate 💡ideas into pictures, marks, symbols... and full-out visual 🌏worlds.

zanda's most successful projects typically involve elements of 🔮Brand Design, 👩‍💻Graphic Design, 💡Creative Direction, and ✏️Illustration.

If you're interested to work together drop me a line at

Snazzy biz facts about zanda

🍷Cofounder of Dinner Confidential
🐁Located in Chinatown
👩‍💻Designer for over a decade, 1/2 of that in 💡Labs

Strange truth nuggets about zanda

🎭Recovering Method Actor- Have relapsed in Street Dance
👋🏼Self-Indulgent Saggitarius. Proud ENFP
🔮Divinatory Student of the I-Ching, Tarot, & my own strange reinterpretation of this Visual Talisman

No but really... who is zanda?

"zanda" is the creative alter-ego of Alexandria Jarvis.

She originally came about by my identical twin sisters 👶👶circa 1988 who were unable to pronounce my impossible ten syllable name.

Later in life, I resurfaced nickname as a means to take my ☁️imagination☁️ more seriously. It was also around this time that I began discovering the wide world of symbols and was exposed for the first time to a variety of fascinating Jungian theories.

Soon enough, the childhood nickname beckoned me to quit my comfy 9-5 job. It now functions as a fully active channel for creativity. A place where the work is lead by base creative skills... such as drawing✏️, emotional intelligence 💜, and performance 🎭.

While it is young and growing practice, I set up this studio space to showcase some of this work I'm doing in the ether. And this fusion point exists to offer creative service that intertwines imaginative Creative direction and execution.

Who I've worked with...

🚗Waze, 💇🏽Bumble & Bumble, 🧘🏻‍♀️Headspace, 🎧Soundcloud, 😂Comedy Central, 🚜Student Action with Farmworkers, 🍆Trojan, 🌟Disney, 🍍The Pineapple Lounge, 🏨The Ritz Carlton, 🤯YouTube, 🤔!What If?, 🍿Netflix, 💬Facebook, 🥃Distill Ventures, 🍫Hersheys, 🚿Johnson & Johnson, 🎵Spotify... etc. ****see yellow post-it for more****