hey yall

“zanda” is my nickname. 
I go by Alexandria in the real world.

This is a place for me to store my creative body of work and field commercial design requests. Right now I am not looking for freelance work but eager to chat if there is something that might be an interesting partnership for the future. Particularly if it has overlaps with my most compelling & joy-giving commercial or creative studio endeavors. This includes: template hacking, advocacy-based brand & concept development, stop-motion/analog film, and projection art.

💬 Reach out at heyzanda@pm.me

🌐 More internet info...
See my professional background on Linked in ︎︎︎
Cruise my social media archive on Instagram ︎︎︎
See artists I support on Bandcamp ︎︎︎

📣 What I am up to...
a) Chipping away at my first animated short film. It is about a shadow. I started in Sept ‘22
b) Completed a pro-bono branding project for This Ability Clinic, a disability advocacy intiative
c) Developed branding, concept, and assets package for Crowdsourced Climbing a mutual aid project for climbing gear exchange
d) Recently accepted into Masters programs at CalArts and USC... turned it down, going rougue
e) Currently based in North Carolina

✨ What I’m into...
1. Collect slide projectors
2. Was trained in method acting
3. Into slow tech: spent a .5 yr sans smartphone
4. Pretty good at karaoke
5. Enjoy biking in chaotic city environments