hey yall

“zanda” is my nickname. 
I go by Alexandria in the real world.

This is a place for me to store my creative body of work and field commercial design requests. Right now I am not looking for freelance work but happy to chat if there is something you think would be a cool partnership for the future. Particularly if it is on the weird, creative, or illustrative side. 

💬 Reach out at heyzanda@pm.me

What I am up to...
a) Have been chipping away at my first animated short film. It is about a shadow. I started in Sept ‘22
b) Working on a pro-bono branding project for This Ability Clinic, a disability advocacy intiative
c) Finished design work for Crowdsourced Climbing a mutual aid project for climbing gear exchange
d) Recently accepted into Masters programs at CalArts and USC... turned it down, going rougue
e) Currently based in North Carolina

About me...
1. Collect slide projectors
2. Was trained in method acting
3. Into slow tech: spent a .5 yr sans smartphone
4. Pretty good at karaoke
5. Enjoy biking in chaotic city environments

Look at some more fun videos I made on Vimeo ︎︎︎
Check out the tunes I dig Bandcamp ︎︎︎
Cruise the social media that I don’t update* ︎︎︎

When I’m on insta - I waste my life. I fester my precious creative juices and power work times. I spend a lot of time feeling crappy. I finally gave it up it in 2020 after multiple attempts. I like it better this way. I am happy to have divested from it. A time suck daily habit. I also like meeting people in person and prefer to have meaningful conversation face to face. I think that is what the world needs more of. Did you know there is a korean term for meeting people naturally while you are out and about? It’s called jamanchu. I love that. Not totally knocking the social media thing. But it would be more fun to meet you in person. Digital is good to if that is all there is though. But just a heads up that it might take me a while to say hello if you contact me there.