In the commercial sphere...

Design work

Interdisciplinary visual storyteller with 10+ years of bringing ideas to life from concept to production. Thrives on projects that demand ingenuity, collaboration, and cross-media making. Seeks challenges to distill deep insights into playful experiences.  Currently based in NC and acting as Head of Storytelling at Firefish NYC. Previously designer with Sylvain Labs, Flamingo, ?What If! Innovation Partners, & other NYC-based boutique agencies.

Most all of my 9 to 5 work is under NDA’s. Beyond the sneek peek (above) I am unable to show much here.  *buuuummer duuuuude* For commercial design requests / to schedule a one-on-one design strategy portfolio meeting reach out to me directly

Working in...
Brand Insights
Brand Positioning
Innovation Mapping
Partnering with...
Research Agencies
Brand Strategists
Purpose-Driven Founders

To design/develop...
Corporate workshops

Brand Books
Conference Concept
Immersive Segmentation
Innovation Toolkits
Maps & Models
Whitepapers, Cardsets

Keynote Presentations

Bottle up the mood and magic of your brand/project and then sprinkle it across all kinds of assets. Usually involves L&F development and an assets pack . Brief is often undefined. Production can be negotiated on-the-fly.

Extend the shelf life of a project or engage folks in the here-and-now. Make your client give a damn.  These richly designed deliverables act as visual mnemonics to sum up or guide teams through complex strategy work. Could involve printed ephemera, illustration, custom icon sets, or select photography- dependent on budget.  

Telling stories for funky founder brands, purposeful activists and focused Fortune 500’s.  Sometimes because they asked me... sometimes because it’s something I believe in.

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